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chlionel's Journal

Chloe & Lionel
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Welcome to chlionel, a lj communtiy focused on the pairing of Chloe Sullivan and Lionel Luthor from Smallville.

The aim of this community is to bring together fanfic, fanart, icons and other such goodies that feature the pairing. Posts can be rated anything from universal to purely adults only. For more rules please see below before posting.



When posting to the community please use the following format (or a suitable substitute):

*Subject: Title - Pairing - Rating

In the body of the post:

*Title: (including number of parts e.g. 1/1, 1/2, 1/?)
*Pairing(s): (primary pairing of the fic - should be Chloe/Lionel)
Warnings: (where applicable e.g. slash, femslash, bdsm etc)
*Rating: (any fanfic/fanart posts missing ratings may be removed)
Spoilers: (please try to remember that not everyone is up to date with the very latest episodes being shown in the US)
*Disclaimer: (stories found without a disclaimer may be removed)
Author's Notes:

* = compulsory


The Rules

I'll try not to make too many rules but for the sake of community peace etc, the following should be observed.

1 - All fanfiction/fanart/icons etc posted here must predominantly feature Chloe and Lionel in one relationship or another. Other pairings must be secondary.
2 - Flaming will not be tolerated under any circumstances. I don't care if you think a particular pairing is wrong, as long as the member posting to the community has not broken any of the rules then the story is welcome here. Ignorance of what flaming is will not be accepted as an excuse.
3 - All fics/ficlets/drabbles/fanart MUST be rated either in the subject line or the actual post - preferably both. This is non-negotiable.
4 - Warnings must be posted where applicable. This includes for such things as slash, femslash, theresomes, character death, violence, bdsm. If you think someone might need a warning then include one anyway.
5 - Fic/art featuring chan (underage sex) will not be tolerated.
6 - All fic over 100 words and art must be posted behind an lj cut. If you don't know how to do this then go here for a tutorial.
7 - DO NOT read a rating that you are too young to be read. For example, if you're 13, you really should not be reading posts marked adult/nc-17(or above)/M/MA.
8 - Do not advertise any other communities of any nature unless you have previously cleared it with the community maintainer.
9 - A disclaimer must be include in all posts featuring fanfic.

This list may be added at a later date if I think of anything else important. Also, I reserve the right to remove any posts that I believe do not fit within the community rules. By joining this community you are acknowledging that you are aware at adult content may be posted here. See rule seven above.


The Weekly Prompt

New prompts for this challenge will be posted each week on a Friday.

There is be no time limit on entries and the only stipulation is that you keep to the prompt; mention the number of the prompt you are writing for; use good spelling, grammar, punctuation etc; and write 100+ words. The usual community rules regarding ratings, warnings, and the use of lj cut also apply.

Current Prompt - #2: Paper


Above all else, remember that feedback really does make writers feel inclined to be more productive. Even if you don't have constructive criticism, simply leaving a comment saying 'good job' helps!